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Cartridge to arm spacer

Yep...me again..looking for a little advice with regard to VTA. Have just about completed a refurb of an old 1970 ERA MK6 TT and have fitted a RB301 arm. First quick look seems to show that when level, the arm is high with regard to the platter, there is a gap of about 25mm. Now I dont expect a Goldring 2200 cart is 25mm high (cant find the actual specified height anywhere and I cant measure it cos It hasnt arrived yet) so was wondering about how best to reduce the gap. I am unable to lower the arm or raise the platter so the only thing I could think of was a spacer between cart and headshell. Has anyone done this in the past and could they recommend suitable material. I was thinking Balsa wood or maybe acrylic.

If someone can tell me the actual hight of a 2200 cart then maybe that would give me something to work on while I am waiting delivery

Thanks in advance