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RE: Analogue Seduction: issue resolved

Good result.

I've always had good dealings with Analogue Seduction.

The law will always trump whatever anyone tries to put in print, and I think I remember reading in Which magazine that all electrical items under EU law have a minimum 2 years expected lifespan. Is that correct?

Perhaps Analogue Seduction can tell us exactly what the Law is?

If so, it avoids any unnecessary arguments and retailers should automatically repair/replace/refunds.

So often, Joe Public  (and especially the elderly etc) are intimidated into accepting whatever the retailer or manufacturer says, in the belief that they surely can't be lying to protect their own margins/profits.

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RE: Analogue Seduction: issue resolved



I take it that as the mods have intervened, then the Major has actually received the replacement unit and is not still waiting for the promise to turn in to product???

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