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Help sourcing 60cm headphones???

Hi all,

Does anybody know where I can find some earphones with a 60cm cord/cable. I have always used Sony headphones as they split at 60cm for use with inline remotes on mini disc and mp3 players. It seems now though that inline remotes are no longer the fashion and nobody seems to make headphones with short cord.

For the past 18 months I have been using an iPhone 4 with a sony MW600 bluetooth receiver (the headphones are not included)


Unfortunately my last pair of headphones has now died and I am struggling to find any with the short 60cm cord. I have managed to find a stupidly high end sony pair for around £260 which split at 60cm but my budget is up to around £50-60

Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter as I am currently stumped and am in desperate need of some earphones.

Many thanks for any help!