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Final Addition to my system - Dali E12-F Subwoofer

Hi all,

Well after more than a month without a subwoofer and waiting for payday I finally found the subwoofer i wanted.  This was probably the toughest choice to make IMO.  went to Hi-fi shop for 5 demos...

I tested:

Wharfdale SW150 sub

(Good sub, but after comparing to the others - no chance)

B&W ASW608

(very good musical amp but with something missing for the price)

MJ Acoustic Pro50 MKII

(connected by both RCA and the High level cable, musically excellent but had problems with movies IMO)

KEF Q400b

(the softest out of all the choices and did not justify the cost of it)

Mj Acoustic Pro200 MKII

(I was going to audition this on a clearance sale at £399 instead of £850, but unfortunately it was faulty Sad


My choosen sub, it looks amazing, and has enough power to shake a castle keeping excellent quality, the response in movies blew all of them out of the water, its an amazing sub and one I would highly recommend you audition in yoru choices for budgets between £350 and £600.

see link below for pictures, runnign out of space for the sub unfortunately...