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Spendor s5e heeeelp

Hi all,

I have been in negotiation with the wife re a new set up, I had to compromise and let her pick the speakers to match the furniture.

She choose the Spendor S5e, now all I have to do is match the electronics!  At present I have a Marantz 7200 Amp and a Marantz CD player with AE109 speakers and find this system a bit warmish and would love a slightly leaner more detailed sound - therefore not to dissapointed when I listend to the Spendors with 7000 series Marantz as a test.

Any advice warmly received - budget for Amp and cD player around £1500 +/- a few hundred.

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Re: Spendor s5e heeeelp

It's the words 'leaner' and 'more detailed' that make me think of Cyrus - mind you, so does the word 'shoebox'. Try and audition the Cyrus CD6s CD player (nominally £650) and Cyrus 8vs2 integrated amplifier (£800-ish). It doesn't get any leaner or more detailed at the money.

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