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cd player choice

At present cd player is a marantz cd48. Amplifier is a Talk electronics storm 2(replaced a rotel 931). Speakers are dali lektor 2's or musical technology kestrels (floorstanders).Some interchanging done.
The amplifier was described in a magazine as a clear, open and transparent in character as it was an expensive amp in its time. Picked it up for £95 and is a very nice amp.
I was looking for a cd player that would fit in with these components. Quite happy to get used up to £300. Think i would be looking for a more forward sound with a faster presentation if that makes sense.

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RE: Hi-Fi

I'm very pleased with my Cambridge Audio Azur 640C.
I use it with Rotel RA-01 and Dali Lektor 2's.

Roksan Kandy K2 amp / Roksan Kandy CD K2 player / Dali Lektor 2 speakers / Atacama Nexus 6 stands / Target hifi stand / Chord Company cables.

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RE: Hi-Fi

I've had a couple of players from Roksan and am well impressed.
You could get a Kandy MkIII for well under 300 second hand.

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