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Best Combination

I need a new amp and speakers. So far I have narrowed down my wish list to the following components. Please could anybody offer some advice as to what would be the best combination for this gear? I have aCambridge Audion 640C V2 CD player. Thanks.

Nad c352

Rotel RA05

Pioneer AA6j

Rotel RA04


B&W 685

Monitor Audion RS1



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Re: Best Combination

NAD and B&W all the way for me.

The B&W's give out such more better sound than the RS1's to my ears, more so when partnered with the NAD C352!

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Re: Best Combination

nad and monitor audio for me. if you go for B&W's then make sure you demo them at normal listening levels.I have heard the 685's little brothers ,the 686's, and they are really bad ( nasty sounding actually) at anything but really high volume.Same design as 685's.

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Re: Best Combination


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Re: Best Combination

NAD/BW685...I heard the bw685 yesterday and they are an absolute bargain . I did also hear them with cambridge audio 640 amp and 640 cd but prefer them through the NAD...Cambridge seamed to loose steam when turned up to my ears..

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