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V Moda M100 Review

Copied from my Amazon Review.


I have heard over 10 different sets of these headphones and about 3 of the 10 have a different signature! The first set I own was warm, bassy with mids that sounded like they where coming through a tube! They didn't sound balanced and the treble was rolled off creating loss of detail! Now I've heard a few people have thus experience mostly when the headphones first came out..


Now lately the sound seems to be more balanced, they are warm with quite neutral mids and treble with still a slight roll of at the top but the mids are clean. The separation is ok and the soundstage is absolutely pathetic! Literally no depth! sorry gamers Wink everything is in-your-face and for me this is a big problem being a) A gamer and Dirol A soundstage nut! gaming really exposes the soundstages of headphones and this headphone just didn't preform.


It was very crystal clear though but when there was a lot going on it felt too congested and the environments just didn't sound realistic. It sounded like two speakers where pushed in your ear drums and everything was on the same level.


Now it's not all bad, these headphones do sound very good, but not for the price. They fit right in there with other Midfi headphones but I felt them losing out to phones such as the DT770, AH-D600. What I think these do well is remain quite balanced even with a powerful low end! they do lack refinement and most importantly soundstage like I said but to be honest the target audience these where intended for will not always worry about that. So why three stars? Firstly I'm not happy with the quality control.


Out of 7 headphones 6 have had issues regarding build quality. I've had some that had out of place hinges, broken headband and deep scratches! V-Moda said they will look into it and I believe them.. For now. Val the ceo is passionate about his products and he has pretty much got your back for the headphones life and after.


6I'd buy the headphones just for that peace of mind only! it's that good. I've got such a love and dislike relationship with these because they have a very weird trait to my ears..the ability to sound fun and boring at the same time. There is no excitement in the mids and treble. Vocals do not sound seductive and the treble lacks a bit of sparkly and excitement, well a lot really. The bass is the best part of these headphones! it's powerful but detailed. Compared to my much loved Denon D600 the Denon has a much bigger and better soundstage with a more detailed treble and is exciting throughout!


I did a review on YouTube but to be honest I didn't hear my Denons for a while since I was putting all my attention to the M100 and as soon as I heard my D600 again they just sounded better in everyway possible minus a bit more forward mid range and it's ever so slight. The D600 has epic bass and for £70 cheaper it's a no brainer, That said if you do like the look of the M100 they still hold their own and are a decent, balanced warm phone with strong bass! If Val comes out with a V-Moda headphone with better quality control, a wider and deeper soundstage with positional ques to match my current headphones and more excitement through the mid range and treble then sign me up boi! Wink By the way these are very efficient!