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B&W C5 compared to P7

I am a long time lurker and love to read all your reviews and comments about sound systems and headsets. 


I have listened in shops to the P7 and Beoplay H6. I like the sound of the P7 best. I love the bass and how vocals sound. I have not found any other headset that sounds so nice to me. But the P7 is quite expensive so I was wondering if the C5 would be an alternative. I like its design very much. It is however not possible to listen to the C5 in a store so maybe one of you knows both the P7 and C5. 

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RE: B&W C5 compared to P7

I haven't listened to to C5's myself although I have listened to the P7's and H6's several times over the last few weeks. What I would say though is though whilst the P7's generally recieve positive reviews the C5's do not. If I were looking  in the C5's price range and I liked B&W I'd be tempted to go for the P3's. There are a bit more expensive but no where near the P7's in cost 


hope this helps

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RE: B&W C5 compared to P7

I have owned the C5's, (briefly) the P5's and now the P7's and so far happier with the sound quality and comfort of the bigger headphones.  That said, the in-ear offering was still very good with much higher sound isolation than the over head counterparts.  The sound itself is very very good with more bass and if portability and price is the driver then you can do much worse...

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