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Wii - any good?

I know they're relatively old hat now but I wondered if anyone has a Wii and actually likes it?

Some of the classic games Nintendo available so tempted but is it a good platform?

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RE: Wii - any good?

We moved house a few months ago, I never bothered plugging the Wii back in, and Hollie hasn't asked me to. Not so keen on it anymore, and since Hollie completed Okami, all our gaming has been on the PS3.   I know its gameplay that counts, but the graphics are awfully crunchy (although the component cable makes a big difference).  If I was after that sort of gameplay, I would go for Microsofts Kinect.

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RE: Wii - any good?

We still use ours.

It's a good laugh when the family/friends are round, it's easy to pick up and understand the Wii games, so anyone can play. My girlfriend likes Wii Fit and those types of things too.

I was a big Gamecube fan, and I have plenty of good games in that format which I play on the Wii now and again. I've downloaded a few retro classics as well.

For the price they're available at now, it's a bit of a steal, especially when you can pick up Wii and Cube games on Ebay for buttons. But I guess it's £100 that could go towards a Wii U, so I don't know if I'd buy now or hang off!

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RE: Wii - any good?

It's fantastic for fun games, my lads (15and 20) and I still have a good laugh playing it.

The more serious gaming we do is mostly on the PC though the younger plays a lot on the xbox 360 with his school mates.


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RE: Wii - any good?

we have a wii which my son uses a lot, and my wife from time to time.. my son (8) wants an x box now.. id get one if they had a blu-ray drive in them! we had a ps3.. which we rarely used apart from media playing..

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