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FM Connection to Onkyo CR-325


Bought an Onkyo CR325 cd/fm/dab unit from John Lewis over the weekend and can't work out how to connect it to the external FM aerial that we have.

The DAB connection was straight-forward but the internal FM aerial which is supplied with the unit is a strange little thing and the socket on the unit doesn't accept a regular coax plug.

 Any ideas?


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Re: FM Connection to Onkyo CR-325

I've bought an Eltax Accura TUN70 and have the same problem. The manual doesn't say what type of connections it is, just plug in your FM aerial to the 75 ohm antenna terminal.

It looks a lot like a female coaxial but the centre part (female pin) will only take a thin wire, a male coaxial pin is too large. The female pin is actually off-centre too, it's slightly lower than the middle. The outer socket is the same size as a male coaxial's outer.


I've tried both coaxial male/female and a Sky TV (F connector?). The thin wire of the F connector was ideal, but the outer socket met head on woth the antenna terminal. One wouldn't overlap the other.


I've got no idea what aerial I need to but now. A lot use coaxial. Any help identifying the connection would be appreciated.

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Re: FM Connection to Onkyo CR-325

Take a photo and pop to your local Maplin (or an Aerial fitters) and ask them.

In my experience FM is normally a bog standard 75 ohm co-ax but I have never owned Onkyo equipment.

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Re: FM Connection to Onkyo CR-325

I realize that I am not helping but I do know that several manufactures have odd sized connectors for FM... why I have no idea. Typically the connector is an adapter so that you can connect your coax cable to it. It should come with the unit. I would suggest that you contact the manufacturer.

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Re: FM Connection to Onkyo CR-325

I had the same problem as Alan65 when I bought my Cambridge Audio Azur 540R. It looks like a female connector but with the center pin having a small hole. The center pin was also off center. I headed off to Maplin and was then informed this was acually a male connector! It just looks likes a female. I had to bend my center pin a little so that it was properly aligned and I was then able to plug in a standard female connector without an issue.

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