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Anyone heard or bought the MF V90 DAC? Hows does it compare to other DAC's around £200?

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Musical Fidelity V90 DAC

Had scoured the forums for advice on this topic myself and decided to take the plunge (good review in HiFi Choice; previous experience of MF products) and was not disappointed.

For £200 it represents fantastic value IMO provided you're using it to upgrade a system (otherwise an alternative solution may be more cost effective). It offers fantastic detail without adding any colouration and also has plenty of inputs.

I would say I prefer it over my Arcam rPac (perhaps due to versatility of inputs [and bias for the extra £50?]). I've also got the Audiolab MDAC which I would say trumps it mainly due to the preamp/head amp this has. In terms of sound quality there's not much in it, slight nod to MDAC but it is 3x the price Smile

Hope that helps - it's my first post after some time browsing

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Just got one myself. Love it. Don't know how it compares to others yet.

At first I though it sounds too flat, a few days later everything sounds way better. Maybe it's just placebo, but the speakers and amp are also new so I guess I need to wear them down a little.

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