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RE: M2Tech Young dac vs Leema Elements dac

p_m_brown wrote:

BigH wrote:

Have you tried the Metrum Octave Mk2?

Nope, never heard of it before I'm afraid! If you are in the market for a more exotic dac, you should have a chat to Keith at Purite Audio. Very knowledgable and they offer foc home demos.


I'm not after one, just read lots of reviews/forums etc and the Metrum Octave Mk2 is considered about the best under £1,000 along with the new John Kenny which is only about £460.

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RE: M2Tech Young dac vs Leema Elements dac

Good to know. There are so many Dacs out there but I am really pleased with the Leema and it's definitely a keeper!

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RE: M2Tech Young dac vs Leema Elements dac

It's a shame the power supply took the Young over budget, with this it's sublime.

I have been considering cutting down my box count and have been looking at DAC/AMP options (As i really want to upgrade my amp with my new PMC Twenty23's now), but i know that i won't find one with a DAC section to match the M2Tech Young.

So it's a keeper for me and now i'm looking for an amp upgrade on it's own. Need 2 pairs of terminals on the amp so that's limited the search but i think i might have found my new amp in the way of the Exposure 3010S2 Smile

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RE: M2Tech Young dac vs Leema Elements dac

You're right about the amp/DAC thing Gary, it will always be a compromise putting them both into one box even if you're willing to spend good money.

I decided to keep the DAC seperate from the amp but then my box count is really only 3, occasionally 4 when I have the urge to drag out my old CD spinner for a bit of nostagia Wink


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