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DMP-BDT230 / 330 Remote

Can anyone tell me if they think this new remote will work with all old Panasonic tv's/Blu Ray players ?

I have the bdt500 Blu Ray player and a GT-30 TV - I hate the touchpad on the 500 remote and the gt-30's remote has no eject disc on it. This remote would tick all the boxes in terms of what I want. I do not want a Universal remote and only need to use the tv's on and off button and volume as I have a Sony av amp.

I like the look of this new remote as it is a simple layout and alot smaller (if somewhat chunky) than my other two remotes. Panasonic have not changed their remote codes for years so hopefully they have not with this one.

I am guessing I could buy one from their spares department ? Wonder how much it would be ?