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Vintage Marantz PM-630 issues

I've recently dug out my old Marantz from my storage room and it's been working fine for a week or so, but now it's not working.

When I turn the power on, the speaker systems lights turn on fine, but the other lights like the volume display flicker for a moment before dying. Sometimes it would function fine with the lights normal for about 2 minutes or so, but then the lights flicker and die along with the sound. The sound sometimes works for a few minutes even after the lights have died.

I've checked the fuse and it seems fine (as expected) and the voltage settings are set correctly as well. The relay switch also works fine, clicking 1~2 secs after turning the power on.

Some pics:

Any help suggestions would be appreciated.

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RE: Vintage Marantz PM-630 issues

Likely it's dry joints somewhere or a component on its way out.  You could try disconnecting/reconnecting the ribbon cables but tbh it sounds like a job for a competent engineer.  Unless you know of somebody good who comes cheap, you'll probably be better off buying another amp. I don't know how good the PM-630 was in its day, but I'd expect the same money spent on something newer would noticeably better it. A lot's happened in 30 years.

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