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Sony STR DH 820

Having read a number of positive reviews, including the stellar one in What Hi-Fi, I pretty much had my heart set on getting a STR-DH810 to build my first proper home theatre system around. However, while browsing around for the best price, I have noticed that the new version, STR-DH820 is now out as well. Has anyone had a chance to try it and what were the impressions? Is it worth the extra £70?

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RE: AV receivers

We're not expecting our review sample of the STR-DH820 for some weeks yet, I'm told.

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RE: AV receivers

hi pickle,


      i guess you're a bit wrong about the price diference. you can find the DH810 at RS for £199 and probably you wont find the DH820 for less than £290.


     you wont get better quality as the tech is exactly the same. basicaly the plus are ipod dock, 7hdmi inputs, new sync system to sony tv's and new on screen interface.


        they have little diference between them and i don't see the reason for the extra money. you wont get any jump in sound  or image quality, as they use the same tech.




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RE: AV receivers

Thanks didipot. I actually have a Sony TV and one of the reasons why I am looking at this series is the Bravia sync capability. Do you know exactly how this has changed between 810 and 820?

PS I think the 820 was on VIP deal at Richer Sounds a few days ago, but I could be wrong. It does not seem to be anymore.

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RE: Sony STR DH 820

im interested in the 820.

aswell as the extras said above, the 820 also has upscaling 1080p the 810 doesnt have any.

i have alot of normal dvds, so i see this as a bonus which pushes me in the 820 direction.

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