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Replacing Denon AVC-A1

My Denon AVC-A1 is almost 15 years old and although the sound quality is brilliant I am looking for a replacement because obviously connections like hdmi are unknown to the beast. I am willing to spend anything up to €3000,- for a new receiver as long as the sound quality is at least on par with the AVC-A1.

I am thinking of the new Onkyo TX-NR3010 or TX-NR5010. Would this be a good choice or are there better choices when sound quality for playing cd's is the deciding factor?

I have no need for multiple zones or more than a 5.1 system but if it supports more speakers or zones than I need it to than that is obviously no problem. My speakers are from Dynaudio (the focus line) and my cd/dvd player is the Denon DVD-A1XV.

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RE: Replacing Denon AVC-A1

I am yet to hear the 5010 as they are not in store just yet. Judging by the 3010 and last years 5009 I have no doubt the Onkyo delivers a quality of sound that is superior to the Denon but it will be very different. Have you heard the latest Onkyo's or are you able to? I would suggest a demonstration if you can to be sure that the differences are improvements for you. As an alternative you could look at the Audiolab processor and power amplifiers - again superior to the Denon but very different. I am sure between the two you will find a sound that will work for you.


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RE: Replacing Denon AVC-A1

Agreed. I think the inclusion of Audyssey's XT32 room EQ definitely help the big Onkyo's exceed the Denon's capabilities. The Audiolab is a funny one - it will exceed the Denon's capabilities because of it's lack of superfluous features and room EQ! With the Audiolab, you have the flexible option of choosing suitable amplification for your speakers.

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