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Onkyo amp help Please

Hey, gots me a TX-NR818 and a Logitech harmony remote.

I spent an hour and a half with logitech support to no avail ,and they said there maybe a setting in the amp to completly shut down the amp due to power saving, the only thing I can see in the power settings are something called Auto standby on or off.

So I switched this to off, and the amp seemed to be ok with the harmony, but then I shut everything down last night with the remote only, and again the amp would not turn on, but everything else did.

Is there something in the setting that is shutting down this amp were you have to press the button on the amp, because the remote is not working.

I may have to send a support ticket to onkyo or ask them, because I cant for the life of me figure out why everything will turn off and on execpt my amp wont turn on, after is has been turned off for a short time.

I even turned everything off, went to the shop which was 10-15 min and again it would not turn on, but if you turn everything off then on over and over just to test it, it works fine.

Any ideas, this is my first onkyo.


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RE: Onkyo amp help Please

On my Onkyo 905 there are separate codes for Power On and Standby from the remote.  Is it the same on the 818 remote?  Are the separate codes programmed in to the Macro on the Harmony?

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RE: Onkyo amp help Please

Thats the remote, I use the top far left button for the power and the one beside it is for the zones I assume

The power button I only need to press once and it turns it on, then press it again for off.

It works when I am using it all the time, but if I leave it for longer than 10 min, it seems the amp turns itself off completly were nothing will work, not even the main remote. so I need to press the power button on the amp.

Thanks again

Like I said, logitech support spent over an hour trying to figure it out, and even had a manager on the phone, and they did all they could, and said it must be the amp, turning the all the standby's off were the amp is going completly to sleep

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RE: Onkyo amp help Please

Message from Onkyo's UK PR is that p76 of the manual may prove illuminating:

■Auto Standby
> Off
> On

When “Auto Standby” is set to “On”, the AV receiver
will automatically enter standby mode if there is no
operation for 30 minutes with no audio and no video signal
“Auto Standby” will appear on the AV receiver’s display
and OSD 30 seconds before the Auto Standby comes on.
Default setting: On (European, Australian and Asian
models), Off (North American models)

• Set to “On”, the Auto Standby function may activate itself during
playback with some sources.
• The Auto Standby function does not work when Zone 2/3 is on.

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RE: Onkyo amp help Please

Thanks for that Andrew, I tried that, and still wont turn on.

I have tried off and on, I think Logitech needs to do some investigation.

Like I said if I turn it off and on repeatedly then it works ok, but if I leave it longer than 10-15 min it just wont respond.

I am very confused, may have to get back onto Logitech again, but last time really drained me, was on there for an hour and a half.

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RE: Onkyo amp help Please

Could it be you have the standby code programmed into the Harmony, but not the standby/on toggle code so it will power off but never send the code to power on? Not sure if you can input the codes manually on a Harmony like you could a Pronto, but the codes for the 809 are available here. I'm fairly sure they'll be identical for the 818.

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