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Help Yamaha YPAO mic needed

The more i read how easy it is to set up the Yamaha RXV 2600 with the Yamaha YPAO mic the more I feel I need to get my hands on one. Does anyone have one to sell or let me use for setting up? Cant seem to find a place to purchase one.



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RE: Help Yamaha YPAO mic needed

Try fleabay here Clicky


I dont know if it will do the job for you, i would ask the seller first. If you live in Ayesbury or close by you can borrow mine.

Regards ..Paul

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RE: Help Yamaha YPAO mic needed

If not yamaha then try a local dealer

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RE: Help Yamaha YPAO mic needed

Will try a local dealer as a first option. Seller cant seem to find it and managed to get an extra tenner off because of it.

The ebay link is for a Denon but states it most likely works with Yamaha but rather not purchase one from US then find it just dont work. Sadly im not near Aylesbury Paul otherwise i'd grab at the opportunity to borrow for the day

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