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Denon AVR-3312 vs Marantz SR6006

Acording to the specs the Denon should be better than the Marantz (more power, lower THD).

Denon has S-Video in which is nice for the Playstation.

I live in Europe, so the Denon is more expensive (100€) than the Marantz.


Has anyone listened to both of them? Which one sounds better for movies? Is there a particular problem with any of them?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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RE: Denon AVR-3312 vs Marantz SR6006

Hi, for what its worth, I have the Denon 3312, which I upgraded from the 2311, but I never auditioned the Marantz you mentioned. It was a worthwhile upgrade for me and I never regretted it, more power, poise and punch and better with music in pure direct mode, again its not what you are asking but it might be a some assistance.


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RE: Denon AVR-3312 vs Marantz SR6006

I had the earlier versions of Denon and especially with 3310, the probem was that the base is a little bit too much.I am not too sure whether it carried onto 3312 or not.

If your speakers sound lean / bright or style speaker then Denon might be more fit. I have Marantz and it is great for movies and does OK for music.

With the new crop of receivers around the corner, you might be able to get better deals even on one level up of the last year versions like 7005 or 4311. 

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RE: Denon AVR-3312 vs Marantz SR6006

again, I've not heard the marantz, but I auditioned the Denon 3312 against a Pioneer SC-LX73 and came away (unexpectly) with the Denon.  I was trading up from a Denon 1909 (which I never liked, so really was only using the Denon as a benchmark).

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RE: Denon AVR-3312 vs Marantz SR6006

my bet would go for the marantz.

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RE: Denon AVR-3312 vs Marantz SR6006

I own a Marantz SR6006 and can highly recommend it.

Coming form the Sony STR-DA5200ES which itself was an award winner, the Marantz blew it out of the water. 

Movie soundtracks are detailed and full bodied and music is that good I got rid of my Dacmagic.

You will not be disappointed. Any more questions dont be afraid to ask


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