Rewind: Austrian Audio’s open-back headphones rated, Pro-Ject’s new turntables revealed and more

What Hi-Fi? Rewind Austrian Audio headphones
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Happy Monday and welcome to the latest Rewind column, where we detail all the big developments in the world of hi-fi and home cinema to have occurred over the past seven days. 

The past week was another busy one with our team delivering their final verdict on two new sets of headphones, as well as fresh announcements from iconic record player brand Pro-Ject.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Pro-Ject unveiled two new record players

Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono on a yellow background

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Last week iconic turntable maker Pro-Ject unveiled not one, but two new spinners. Specifically, it lifted the lid on its new T2 and T2 Super Phono.

As the names suggest, the T2 and T2 Super Phono share the same core circuitry and general specifications and target the same mid-range market. The only difference is that the latter comes with a built-in phono stage.

The solid specs and inclusion of a What Hi-Fi? Award-winning Sumiko Rainier cartridge with both models has us hankering to get them into our listening rooms for testing. Stay tuned for more details on both once we get them in for review later this year.

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LG’s new flagship OLED went on pre-order with a new name

The LG G4 OLED TV photographed on a white stand in a showroom, with a soundbar positioned in front. On the screen is the blue ceiling of a building.

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Last week LG finally put its next-generation LG G4 OLED TV up for pre-order with a stand. The company also snuck in a minor change to the TV’s naming convention. Specifically, if you want to order the LG G4 with a stand, it’s now being sold as the LG G4S. Despite the additional letter, the G4S is otherwise identical to the G4, featuring the same connectivity, next-generation MLA panel tech and processor.

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 We reiterated the importance of audio quality 


(Image credit: Spotify)

This week the What Hi-Fi? team took the time to respond to reader comments suggesting Spotify’s basic tier is good enough for most people. Specifically, our editor-in-chief reiterated the difference hi-res and good hi-fi makes to any listening experience – so long as you can afford it.

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Austrian Audio’s open backs earned perfect marks

Austrian Audio The Composer open-back headphones

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On top of the sea of news and features, our team also delivered its definitive verdict on Austrian Audio’s latest open-back headphones, The Composer. 

Putting them through their paces with everything from a Mac and a DAC to our full-fat reference system they continuously impressed, offering insightful, analytical and balanced audio. The only downside is that the headband doesn’t offer enough adjustment options to provide a comfortable fit for people with small heads…

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Our TV testers wrote a wishlist for OLED TV makers

Samsung QE65S95D QD-OLED TV

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We’re big fans of OLED TVs. That should be obvious if you have checked our best TV buying guide recently. But this week our intrepid TV tester and staff writer Lewis Empson took pen to paper to detail why he thinks more companies should follow Samsung’s lead and offer Mini LED options alongside OLED. You can get the full argument as to why using the link below, but the short answer is a simple one: money and more choice for consumers. 

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We checked out the Shure Aonic 50 Gen 2 

Shure Aonic 50 Gen 2 noise-cancelling over-ears

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Despite having 'two' in the name, the Shure Aonic 50 Gen 2 is actually the pro music and mixing specialist’s third stab at the flagship consumer wireless headphone market. And based on our testing, from an audio perspective they’re a definite step in the right direction. 

Featuring sturdy build quality, a great control app and superb clarity and detail that rivals more established rivals, the Aonic 50 Gen 2 are a solid choice for music fans in many ways. The only thing that kept them from a perfect five-stars was their slightly inconsistent ANC, which didn’t prove as effective as we’d have liked during testing.

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