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For some hi-fi and home cinema enthusiasts, only the best will do...

...and the best is quite often pretty expensive.

From a 4K OLED TV that's quite possibly the best screen we've ever tested to one of the most expensive amplifiers we've had pass through our doors, these extravagant pieces of kit are arguably the most desirable around.

Such products brim with quality and performance, but inevitably come with huge price tags. So we're not expecting you to splurge your entire life savings and buy one in time for Christmas. Think of this more as a wish list in case your numbers ever come up.
They'll also need plenty of pampering to deliver their full potential as well, so a dealer visit is a must in almost all cases. Not all are available online, anyway.
If, however, you do have the means to buy one of these stunning products... well, can we come round to yours this Christmas?

Sony KD-65A1

Tested at £4500 / Best price £3999 at Peter Tyson

4K HDR OLED is possibly the best thing to happen to TV in recent times. While conventional LCD 4K TVs can have great picture quality, they lack the contrast of OLED sets. This 65in 4K OLED set from Sony is one of the best we've laid eyes on, expertly delivering the differences between the lightest and darkest elements in a scene - helped in no small part by HDR technology. If you crave the finest TV on the market right now, here it is.



Tested at £35,000 / Best price £35,000 at Projection Center

An alternative to a TV is, of course, a projector - and this high-end JVC is the best we've tested, full stop. If you've got 4K content to feed through it (and fortunately more is becoming available all the time) then you will be rewarded with stunningly detailed images.


Burmester 069

Tested at £35,840

Sure, we could have included something like the Roksan Caspian M2because at nearly two grand it's still an expensive player. But as this is a money-no-object list, we've settled for one of the most expensive we've ever heard. Far from coincidentally, it also happens to be one of the best.


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Naim Uniti Nova

Tested at £4200 / Best price £4199 at Sevenoaks

Of course, not everyone can set aside five figures for just one piece of hi-fi kit, so why not go for an all-in-one hi-res streaming system from Naim for just over four grand?

The new Uniti Nova is lavishly specified, looks gorgeous and sounds even better. All you need to do is add speakers - you’ll be enjoying your music collection in fine style and in no time.


Shure SE846

Tested at £950 / Best price £808 at Amazon

A grand is a lot of money for any headphones, let alone in-ears - but, given an appropriately talented system, we think the SE846s are good enough to justify the outlay. It’s fair to say they’re the among the most capable in-ears we’ve heard.

VPI Prime

Tested at £3750

This turntable won our inaugural Temptation Award in 2015, which should tell you just how good it is. The Prime turntable/arm combination produces one of the most likeable record players we’ve heard in recent years - and one we think you need to listen to.



Tested at £6280

Almost seven grand for a pair of floorstanders? Sure, they're expensive - though not gratuitously so - but considering what you get for the money, these ATCs are an absolute bargain. They're lovingly made and deliver exceptional sound quality no matter the genre. 


Wrensilva Sonos Edition Record Console

Best price $4999 from Sonos

Imagine all the streaming perks of Sonos combined with the tactility of vinyl – it’s a match made in audio heaven.

This Sonos-Wrensilva partnership is an all-in-one system that features a turntable and two Play:5s built into a lush wooden cabinet that can store 120 LPs. While this is the only product on the list we haven't heard ourselves, we think it’s still worth checking out.


Focal Utopia

Tested at £3250 

Can any headphones be worth over £3000? It’s a question we asked ourselves when reviewing Focal's Utopias. By the end of the test period we had our answer, and it’s a positive one. Provided the source and amplifier are up to the job, the Utopias deliver detail levels and authority of sound we just didn’t think headphones could ever manage. 


Chord DAVE

Tested at £8000

Chord's DAVE is conceivably the finest digital-to-analogue convertor money can buy. It uses a high-capacity FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) loaded with proprietary software to do all the signal processing, and the result is a degree of transparency and dynamism no rival we've heard can match. The headphone output is superb too.