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These Denon buds pack a great punch and lots of power, but need more in the way of refinement
Punchy sound
strong midrange
lots of detail
Lack refinement
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We're used to man-handling much larger, heavier kit from Denon, so it makes a nice change to be able to give our muscles a rest and attend to some lightweight in-ears.

As with many comparably priced headphones, a selection of ear buds and a carry case are provided.

The C710s come in either black or silver, and the driver housings are made from a hybrid material that Denon believes helps to produce the best sound possible.

They also use a technology called a ‘Radial Cascade Damper' that reduces the effects of cable-transmitted vibration noise.

A dearth of finesseIn practice, the C710s deliver a pronounced midrange with plenty of detail, but there's a dearth of finesse and refinement.

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There's plenty of power and punch, but less subtlety. Listen to Rhianna's Unfaithful, and while dynamics are strong, her voice is afflicted by sibilance.

These Denons don't represent a serious challenge to the class-leading buds.

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