The best Sennheiser Ambeo deals 2022: money off a premium five-star soundbar

The best Sennheiser Ambeo deals 2022: money off a premium five-star soundbar
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The Ambeo is Sennheiser's first soundbar. And what a soundbar it is! While some companies might be content to dip their toe into unchartered waters with a budget model or two, Sennheiser has jumped straight in at the deep end with a high-end model.

And, given the asking price, you'll probably want to be pointed in the direction of a deal or three. Admittedly, they're tough to come by at the moment, but as the product ages, we expect pricing to drop accordingly.

It might be a beast of a unit, and very particular about positioning, but the Ambeo is an absolute corker of a performer and well worth investing time (and money) in.

Dolby Atmos support comes as part of the package, and it can take Atmos content via any one of its four HDMI inputs or the eARC HDMI output. Love Amazon Prime Video or Netflix? You'll love this feature, as both services have a fair amount of Atmos-enabled content on offer.

It supports DTS:X too, for those cases where Atmos isn't available.

Connections-wise, you've got HDMIs, an ethernet port, an optical input and an analogue input. Oh, and a subwoofer pre-out, if you want to add a dedicated bass unit.

Bluetooth 4.2 and Chromecast are also present to handle streaming duties both online and off.

But the big draw here is the sound quality – this is the best-sounding soundbar we've tested. And trust us, we've tried a few. Those high-quality drivers really deliver, giving the audio a natural cohesion rarely seen in this product space. Quite simply it's the best way to get Atmos surround sound into your lounge without cluttering the room with separates.


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