• Cresyn C510E
Our Verdict 
Comfortable, open-sounding earphones, but short on excitement and overall fluidity
Comfortable fit
Spacious sound
Deep bass
Sound leaks at higher volumes
Could do with more punch and precision
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If these Cresyn C510E in-ear headphones look curious, it’s because they are.

They have a half in-ear design: the body nestles comfortable in your ear, while the tip sits just inside the ear canal. This is supposed to be less intrusive than digging in, and indeed we found them extremely comfortable, even for long listening sessions.

Cresyn C510E review: Sound qualityThe dual-chamber structure is designed to deliver a more extended bass response. And to seems to work:  the C510E is deep and rich at the low-end.

These Cresyns also have a semi-open back design, which inevitably leaks sound at higher volumes.

It’s never disastrous, but you couldn’t ramp it up without irritating others. This also means that your music is vulnerable to being polluted by external noise.

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The flip side to this is that partially open-back designs generally allow for a more spacious soundstage than closed alternatives.  

These Cresyns have a wide, airy presentation, and the listening experience is relaxing. Elsewhere, there is a satisfying level of detail and articulation.

Cresyn C510E review: VerdictCompared to the best at this price, such as the two-time award-winning SoundMAGIC E10, the C510E isn’t quite as punchy or as engaging. We would also like the timing to be tightened up a little.

Put it together and these are comfortable, open-sounding headphones that don’t quite push the envelope when it comes to excitement and overall cohesion.

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