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Clarity Cube 2 review

It's undeniably small, but that's the best thing to say about this thoroughly hopeless handheld DAB radio Tested at £60.00

Our Verdict

A truly horrid handheld DAB that's best avoided


  • It's conveniently small


  • Everything else

Oh dear. Here we have a dinky DAB radio that resembles an old plastic pencil sharpener.

Miraculously, Clarity has managed to squeeze a tiny built-in speaker into that petite frame. They needn't have bothered.

There's no substance and everything sounds a few miles up the road instead of in the palm of your hand.

The supplied earphones sound bizarre too. Music sounds empty, devoid of character, tone and weight.

Add into the mix a tiny, almost unreadable display and you've got a handheld DAB you'd do well to avoid.

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