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Cambridge Audio 651P review

Fine sense of timing and plenty of excitement makes this a fine buy Tested at £120

Our Verdict

Fine sense of timing and plenty of excitement makes this a fine buy


  • Solidly built, looks smart
  • Musical
  • Good timing


  • Slight brightness at times

Budget brilliance is what Cambridge Audio does best, and previous phono stages from the company have delivered just that: this Cambridge Audio Azur 651P has Award-winning heritage.

Cambridge Audio 651p

Cambridge Audio 651p

The 651P phono stage supports MM and MC cartridges, with dedicated twin inputs and a set of phono outputs.

There’s a subsonic filter, too, which promises to remove inaudible but potentially harmful low frequencies (we found it hard to hear much difference). The 651P comes in a slightly larger-than-average package, but it looks smart and feels solidly put together.

Listening to Michael Jackson’s fantastically produced Bad, timing is excellent using the Cambridge Audio. The tight bass-lines roll along nicely, sat beneath treble notes that brim with attack and excitement. This energy can veer in to brightness at times, though, so partner with some care.

Cambridge Audio 651P: verdict

Detail is good, though class rivals such as the Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator can offer a wider soundstage. All told, this is an exciting, musical listen – but watch that treble.

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