Our Verdict 
Certainly a talking point, and will appeal to those who like novelty, but in truth there are much better, more-conventional systems out there
Eccentric looks
weird and wonderful functionality
You can buy much better-sounding CD players
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Never shy of mixing form with function, B&O surpasses itself with the BeoSound 9000's six-disc CD player system. Packed with intriguing features, such as the ability to make sure spinning CDs always stop the right way up, the 9000 also sounds good in action.

True, there are better £2500 CD players out there, but none will impress your neighbours quite so much: watching the CD-reader zip flick between CDs at high speed when it's in random play mode is captivating. And, naturally, photoelectric sensors protect stray hands from the rapid mechanism. It's no wonder B&O continues to be shorthand for ‘well-to-do'.