Ironically for a sector of the market preoccupied by style, stylish 5.1 speaker packages have fallen from fashion lately...

...but that doesn't mean the best of them aren't worth hearing. Yes, we know not everyone can accomodate them – that's why soundbars are so popular – but these compact speaker systems are easier to accommodate than most. And best of all, they sound and look great.

Here we've chosen six of the best, from very affordable to somewhat pricey. Whichever package you chose, you won't be disappointed - those Blu-ray movies are going to sound great.

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Under £750

Tannoy HTS-101 XP

Reviewed on 20th October 2015 at

Tested at £600

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The current incarnation of this multiple winner has a sonic character that retains its fast, spacious quality, but with extra detail and solidity. If you're looking for a simple, versatile surround solution, look no further.

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Under £1000
Under £1250

B&W MT-50

Reviewed on 5th October 2012 at

Tested at £1100

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The B&W MT-50 package comprises crisp, clear, insightful satellite speakers and a subwoofer that integrates perfectly. For a compact package it delivers a large, open sound some more expensive packages struggle to match.


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Under £1500
Under £2000
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B&W MT-60D

Reviewed on 3rd April 2012 at

Tested at £1950

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The B&W MT-60D package uses the same satellite speakers as the MT-50 but swaps out the subwoofer for the outstanding PV1D. Yes, it's expensive - but it's well worth it.

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Under £3000