Not every room can fit one, but if you have space, a 5.1 home cinema speaker system will reward you handsomely. Here are our picks of the best around.

For a true home cinema experience, nothing beats a 5.1 speaker system. From under £500, all the way up to £10,000, all of the below get the What Hi-Fi? seal of approval.

Tight on space? A soundbar or soundbase is the next best thing.

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Under £500

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Under £1000
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Dali Zensor 1 5.1

Reviewed on 24th June 2015 at

This multi-Award winning offering from Dali is still the best at this price-point. Astonishing sound comes courtesy of four standmounts and one centre speaker, which work harmoniously with the E-9F subwoofer.

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Under £2000

Monitor Audio Bronze B5 AV

Reviewed on 13th October 2015 at

The Bronze B5 AV might not be cheap, but it performs like a system worth far more, mainly because it uses tech from Monitor Audio's much pricier offerings. Sound is detailed, and the great cohesion between the channels is the icing on the audio cake.

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Under £3500

ATC C1 5.1

Reviewed on 26th September 2016 at

Impressive, that's the only word for this system. It delivers a spacious and musical sound, proving that you get what you pay for.

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Under £10,000

PMC Twenty 23 5.1

Reviewed on 13th June 2016 at

We were so bowled over by this PMC package's level of detail that for a while we kept it as our reference speaker system. Sure it's pricey, but one listen and you'll be a convert.

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