We round up the best iPad, iPhone and iPod dock systems on the market right now – including some serious bargains which show there's plenty of life in the old dock yet.

If you want to listen to music stored on or streamed from your Apple device – whether it's an iPod Touch, an iPhone or an iPad – wireless speakers are the way forward.

But even in these wireless times, there's still room for the humble iPod dock, not least if you have a 30-pin iPod Classic (sadly now discontinued) or have treated yourself to a Lightning-equipped iPhone 7.

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Best under £100
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Logitech UE Air Speaker

Reviewed on 9th May 2012 at

The Logitech UE (Ultimate Ears) Air, the company's first AirPlay speaker dock, is a former Award-winner and still sounds the business, but can now be had for a song. Of course, it offers the bonus of wireless music as well as a dock.

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Best under £200
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JBL OnBeat Venue LT

Reviewed on 5th January 2013 at

Apple's introduction of the Lightning connector created a demand for dock systems compatible with the 8-pin socket (as opposed to the old 30-pin variant). JBL's OnBeat Venue LT was one of the first out of the blocks and serves up a dynamic, exciting sound that's a lot of fun to listen to - there's also Bluetooth on board.


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Best under £300
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Epoz Aktimate Micro

Reviewed on 29th November 2011 at

Fancy a set of desktop speakers with a dock? The Epoz Aktimate Micro is a great solution. Speakers come in the form of a powered ‘master’ speaker and a passive ‘slave’, though you’ll need a Lightning adapter or to use the 3.5mm input for latest generation Apple devices.

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Best under £400
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B&W Zeppelin Air

Reviewed on 6th May 2011 at

A step up from Bowers & Wilkins' original Zeppelin in so many ways and a must-hear for iPod dock buyers. The original Air came fitted with Apple's 30-pin connector, but a Lightning-toting version is also available.

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