If vinyl is your life. and you want the best possible sound from a turntable - and you can afford one - these are the only models you need to know about.

We have high standards anyway, but when it comes to high-end turntables, they're raised that little bit higher. That's because these things don't come cheap, and we know the people buying them have the same exacting standards.

These are only the finest pricey players to have graced our testing rooms.

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Under £3000
Under £4000

VPI Prime

Reviewed on 2nd October 2015 at

A previous Award-winner, the Prime is good enough to remind you why you got into hi-fi in the first place.

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Under £6000

Clearaudio Ovation

Reviewed on 28th March 2014 at

This is the Clark Kent of turntables - its superpowers are hidden under its conventional looks. It's a pleasure to use, and expertly treads the fine line between excitement and refinement.

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Under £9000

McIntosh MT5

Reviewed on 6th January 2017 at

Visual flair comes courtesy of the light-up platter, while electronic speed control makes it super convenient to use. 

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Under £30,000

Kronos Turntable

Reviewed on 5th June 2014 at

Woof. A vinyl player that puts our (admittedly considerably less expensive) reference kit to shame, the Kronos is authorative, open, and a hugely capable product. The Rolls Royce of turntables.

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