If you want a stellar home cinema but don't have the space or budget to buy several components, one of these all-in-one options might fit the bill.

With the rise of soundbars and soundbases, and the increasing choice and affordability of AV amplifiers and Blu-ray players, all-in-one home cinema systems are few and far between nowadays. But if you do want a convenient and space-efficient home cinema solution, two options stand out. Each offers a different take on the product category, and at very different price points.

What are they, you ask? Read on, and all will be revealed.

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Under £500

Arcam Solo Movie 2.1 (2016)

Reviewed on 20th December 2016 at

Admittedly there's no 4K. But if you can do without, this system's superior performance for both stereo hi-fi and home cinema make it a very worthy investment.

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