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Sony MDR-1r review

Detailed and airy, but could do with more kick Tested at £210

Our Verdict

Detailed and airy, but could do with more kick


  • Natural, warm, spacious sound


  • Could do with more power at the low end

Considering that Sony joined forces with dubstep king Magnetic Man to develop the audio of the Sony MDR-1rs, you might think that these cans would have a strong bass bias – but that’s not the case.

They certainly edge on the low-frequency side of neutral with a strong, warm upper bass response, but they’re surprisingly lacking power at the very lowest frequencies, leaving us wanting a bit more kick.

That’s made up somewhat by a wonderfully natural, warm and spacious sound across the midrange and treble, with precise detail and instrument separation from top to bottom.

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General Information

Product NameSony MDR-1r