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QED Profile HDMI review

The QED Profile HDMI cable has been bought up to date spec-wise and still punches above its budget price tag

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

QED has stuck to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra, so this remains a great budget buy – now brought up to date, spec-wise


  • Sharp and punchy images
  • smooth easy motion


  • Bright sounding at times

The shade of purple used in the plugs of the updated Profile HDMI is different; there’s little else to hint at any change between this and its 2010 Product of the Year winning predecessor.

Now, however, it has gained HDMI high-speed status, pulling it neatly into line with most of its similarly priced rivals. The price has stayed the same, and remains a reasonably wallet-friendly £25 per metre.

Happily too, it remains a viable accessory to possess, as, through our reference kit the Profile helped deliver stable, sharp and punchy images combined with a natural colour palette and smooth, easy motion.

It’s reassuring to know that QED hasn’t radically altered a great product, merely made it more flexible for today’s systems.

This is still a cable that punches above its budget price tag, and as a first upgrade to your system, it comes highly recommended.

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