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Wharfedale PowerCube subwoofers come in threes

Wharfedale has developed a trio of PowerCube subwoofers to complement its speakers.

They're available in three sizes: the SPC-8 with 20cm driver; SPC-10 with 25cm driver; and SPC-12 with 30cm driver.

You get a choice of seven finishes, all three have Wharfedale's 'infinite baffle' design and downward-firing drivers, with Class D amplification of 150W, 200W and 350W respectively.

A motion sensor detects when someone is near the sub and automatically illuminates the top-mounted controls.

Peter Comeau, director of acosutic design for Wharfedale's parent company IAG, says: "The aim was to create a range of high-quality powered subwoofers to suit a variety of rooms, tastes and budgets."

The Wharfedale PowerCube series is available from this month in a choice of seven finishes: blackwood, cherry, rosewood, walnut, cool maple, winter maple and wenge. Prices are £249.95 for the SPC-8, £299.95 for the SPC-10 and £499.95 for the SPC-12.

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