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Transparent Sound has made a wireless speaker that's... transparent

Transparent Sounds has made a wireless speaker that's... transparent
(Image credit: Transparent Sound)

Often when a speaker receives five stars from this publication, we'll praise both its clarity and transparency – a highly desirable quality in something bringing music to our trained ears. Going the extra mile to please, high-end Stockholm-based brand Transparent Sound has answered our prayers (sort of) by releasing a small speaker you can actually see right through.

But that's not the only big reveal in the Small Transparent Speaker's box of tricks. Constructed from one single aluminium ‘uniframe’ and tempered glass panels, it is, according to its makers, designed to last forever. 

With technology constantly evolving, the Swedish brand has created a sustainable ‘closed loop system’, which means new components and systems can be added as the latest wireless technology develops. This way, owners can keep their speaker updated by changing only a small part of it – a compartment in the bottom of the speaker is what holds and powers wireless upgrades.

This smaller model is based on Transparent Sound's inaugural product, the, er, not small Transparent Speaker. Oh and yes, happily welcoming all the implications of transparency, the company's name does stand for a desire for open, honest and sustainable business practices.

Inside, the Small Transparent Speaker features twin 3in drivers, each powered by 15-watt Class D amplification. It also offers Bluetooth, as well as True Wireless Pairing that means you can play two speakers at the same time. 

At present, Transparent Sound recommends using it with Amazon Alexa’s Echo Input for multi-room music over wi-fi. It can also be part of an existing Sonos set-up using Sonos Connect or AMP hub.

The Small Transparent Speaker, which can be wall-mounted using the bracket provided, or positioned on a table-top, is now available at or the Conran Shop, priced at £450.


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