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Samsung Mini-LED TVs arriving early 2021, claims insider

Samsung Mini-LED TVs arriving next year, says insider
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is shifting up a gear for the next generation of the company's TVs with the launch of its first Mini-LED-backed panels.

According to an industry insider, an early 2021 range of Samsung QLEDs has been earmarked as the first to carry the technology with a launch of Samsung Mini-LED TVs predicted for either CES or during a March/April event.

An additional report, spotted by Tom's Guide, suggests that Samsung expects to sell up to 2 million Mini-LED TV sets in 2021 alone.


(Image credit: Future)

Not to be confused with MicroLED, Mini-LED involves the use of smaller and more power-efficient LED backlights for LCD TVs. Whereas current LED TVs feature hundreds of LED bulbs in the panels, Mini-LED TVs have thousands with many more dimming zones too.

With more of these LEDs comes greater picture control, more brightness and better contrast. Pictures can be more precisely shaded for a more involving and three-dimensional image and colour production can be more nuanced and faithful.

Mini-LED very much represents the next logical step for TV performance. With 8K beginning to settle and TCL already claiming Mini-LED TVs of its own, it's easy to believe that it will be the technology that the Samsung looks to in 2021.

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