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Samsung Galaxy S4 release date rumour dismissed by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S3

Yesterday we reported on the possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in February 2012.

The timing seemed something of a coincidence, with Apple busy crowing about its record iPhone 5 sales, so it's perhaps no surprise that the rumour has now been dismissed.

Samsung Electronics' official Twitter account posted this morning that any talk of new models in the pipeline was not true.

The tweet, in Korean, roughly translates to: "Please note that some media reported speculation that subsequent Galaxy S Ⅲ models will be released. The rumour is not true. Why spread these rumors?"

That's us told, then. As we said, with the Galaxy S3 (pictured) given its own, huge launch, it seems likely than a Galaxy S4 would get the same treatment rather than being launched at Mobile World Congress 2013, as suggested.

We're back to watching this space on the S4, then.

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