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Onkyo joins the soundbase market with its LS-T30 speaker system

The solid MDF cabinet will support sets weighing up to 60Kg and houses four 6.5cm drivers and a downward-firing, 16cm subwoofer with a 25W amp.

There are four DTS Studio Sound modes to choose from, specially created by Onkyo: 'surround', for movies and games; 'stereo' mode for music; 'voice', to bolster dialogue when watching news, TV dramas and comedy shows; and a 'standard' setting for those who "prefer a balanced and relaxed presentation".

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The LS-T30 also supports Dolby Digital audio as commonly used in HD television broadcasts, online video streams and on disc-based media.

For ease of use, the soundbar is pre-programmed with the IR codes for all major TV brands so it will switch on automatically with the TV and allow the user to control the volume using the TV remote control. What's more, it will automatically go into standby mode after a set period to save energy.

Additional features include flush-mounted controls on the unit itself, Bluetooth and EDR audio streaming from compatible devices and a 3.5mm analogue input. UK availability and pricing will be confirmed soon.