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LG to reportedly sell rollable OLED TVs in 2019

Following LG's recent teaser of a next-gen processor for its 2019 LG OLED TV line-up, we’re already anticipating big (and big-screen) things from LG’s showfloor at CES in January. 

And our expectation has now been somewhat heightened as we could also see consumer-ready rollable TVs. The Korean company is planning to sell rollable TVs that can fold up like a poster for the first time next year, sources have reportedly told Bloomberg.

The anonymous source said that the TVs would be able to roll up ‘automatically at the touch of a button like a garage door’.

Following its infamous Wallpaper TV, whose flexible 2.57mm-thick panel is bendy albeit not rollable, LG revealed a 77in OLED screen (pictured) last year that could be rolled up into a tube just 8cm in diameter. Initially it was produced purely for advertising signage, however if the reports are true we could see the concept become a commercially viable TV option in 2019. 

If anything like the business-ready screen, a consumer version could be 40 per cent transparent (like tinted glass). 

We’d hope a smaller screen size would hit shop shelves – the Bloomberg report mentions a 65in panel – although whatever the size we can no doubt expect eye-watering prices. After all, the 65in Wallpaper launched at £8000 (it’s now half that price).

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on LG’s CES showfloor in January…


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