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Icon Audio revives the spirit of Leak

Icon Audio Stereo 20PP

Here's something a little bit retro – the new Icon Audio Stereo 20PP valve amplifier, based on a 1955 design by British hi-fi company H J Leak, the Stereo 20.

While the original Stereo 20 can now change hands among collectors for up to £1200, the Stereo 20PP costs £500.

The new Class A variant is designed for use in smaller rooms, and with loudspeakers that do not require a large amount of power.

It has Mullard EL84 output valves, ECC83/ECC82 double triode valves, Solen audio capacitors, Teflon-insulated silver-plated wiring and gold-plated input and speaker terminals. Claimed power output is 15W per channel.

A headphone amplifier and Perspex valve cover are included as standard. The amp can be supplied in all-triode form on request.

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