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Flare Audio’s £999 flagship in-ears are coated in 24-carat gold

Gold-coated in-ears that cost more than a second-hand car may well leave themselves open to friendly ridicule, but we are hesitant to poke fun at Flare Audio’s new Flares Golds considering they are billed as pricier, premium versions of the Flares Pro we recently awarded a respective four stars to. 

The headphone brand has proved it’s capable of making £350 headphones, then - but can it make a decent £999 pair?

The Flare Golds borrow their sibling’s features – 5.5mm beryllium drivers, a noise-isolation design, and the ability to switch between wired and wireless connection – but build on them with a distinct 24-carat gold finish, and a performance that delivers ‘more sonic detail’ - as should be the case for headphones almost three times the price, of course.

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