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Audio Reference brings Musical Surroundings phono stages to the UK

Nova Phonomena

Audio Reference UK is adding two Musical Surroundings phono stages to its range. Both are built in California.

The £880 Nova Phonomena is a high-performance, battery powered model based on the discrete, dual mono circuit developed by designer Michael Yee for the SuperNova.

The Phonomena has rear panel switches for gain and both capacitive and resistive loading. It features two rechargeable internal NiMH dual mono battery packs with a smart sensing auto-recharge function.

The charging mode is selected by placing a finger in front of a light-sensitive switch on the front panel.

Musical Surroundings says the Nova Phonomena can amplify the output signal of a moving coil or moving magnet phono catridge.

Meanwhile, the £525 Phonomena II phono stage supersedes the original Phonomena. Like the Nova, it has rear panel switches for gain and loading, and can be used to amplify the signal of moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.

Both models are available in the UK now.

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