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AKG K430 review

Closed-back so you sacrifice a little spaciousness but you'll get loads of detail and a deep bass. Tested at £50

Our Verdict

Neat, attractive and comfortable closed-back design. Music sounds exciting and you'll get a deep bass


  • Comfortable, loads of detail and very deep bass


  • Bass overpowers the mid and treble a touch

These AKGs have been doing the rounds for a couple of years, yet they still manage to make an impact.

For starters, they're a neat, attractive and comfortable closed-back design. It's hard not to like their cute appearance, whether they're in gloss white or gloss black guise.

Music sounds entertaining and exciting through the K430s. Bass notes have a warm, weighty prescence and go surprisingly deep, although this emphasis on low frequencies does tend to overshadow midrange and treble elements.

Still, a mighty fine effort, particularly at this price.

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