£ 2400

The ninth generation of Pioneer's Kuro plasma range is its best yet, and we couldn't stop ourselves marvelling at the sensational picture quality

£ 465

The JVC's built-in PVR is the headline, but this set is a solid picture performer, too

£ 1545

Fabulous sound, but this set can't justify its hefty price tag

£ 370

This excellent small TV has a premium picture and spec at a bargain price

£ 350

The Sharp won’t set the world alight, but it offers a very decent picture for the money

£ 360

Toshiba has played it safe with the ’505 – but, at this size and price, there’s nothing wrong with that

£ 460

Turns heads with its styling and HD pictures, but isn’t quite a complete all-rounder

£ 1600

A premium product, and it’s priced accordingly – this Samsung is well worth a look

£ 750

Not perfect, with a slightly warm picture balance and mediocre sound, but the Toshiba is an elegant set representing fine value for money

£ 900

A stylish, feature-packed set that looks the part and performs to an exceptionally high standard – few TVs at this size deliver a better picture