£ 2800

This is the first of Pioneer's new Kuro two-box plasma TVs we've tested, and very fine it is too. But is it better than the Award-winning PDP-LX5090?

£ 4000

It's huge, for sure, and costs a packet, but if you have the room and the cash this gigantic Pioneer plasma will please you no end

£ 220

It’s worth knowing that the Sharp LC19D1E set won’t handle a 1080/24p signal, but 720p pictures aren’t far behind the best in class

£ 4000

A good big-screen plasma, and well worth an audition – although we'd be sure to try out its key rival too

£ 500

It's cheap and the TV tuner is decent, but we're put off by the lacklustre video performance

£ 1600

This is one of the best 42in screens out there. Whether it's worth the money, only you can decide

£ 1000

The combination of looks, specification and performance means this Samsung elbows its way on to the top table

£ 700

This 42in set not only packs in bags of functionality at a fantastic price, including a 160GB hard disk recorder, but it performs quite brilliantly

£ 220

A solid performance and keen price means Toshiba's calling time on supermarket-brand TVs

£ 1800

It looks pretty and pictures are excellent, but this Philips has a glut of picture options and is a bit of a pain to set up and use