£ 400

This 32in LG LCD has a built-in DVD player, and it delivers good images from DVD or Blu-ray, but the TV tuner is less than perfect

£ 2000

This high-end Philips LCD screen with LED backlighting is a technical tour de force, but its performance doesn't fully justify its high price

£ 500

Samsung's 5-series of screens has eluded us until now, but if this 32in model is as impressive as the rest of the range, it's on to a winner

£ 700

Another slim set from Sharp, and while not disgraced, it still struggles to match the competition

£ 600

As tends to be the norm nowadays, this TV is ultra-thin, with a gloss black finish and neat pedestal stand. It's also very good value

£ 700

This 37in LCD from LG has an impressive spec sheet, with Full HD screen, four HDMI sockets, 100Hz processing and even Bluetooth connectivity

£ 800

We've criticised some recent Philips flatscreen TVs for being too pricey, but this 37in model offers better value and top-notch performance

£ 550

It might not set the world alight, but this HDD-toting JVC is a solid performer at a solid price

£ 3000

Not everyone has the room or money to accommodate this monstrous 55-inch TV, but it still delivers a fine big-screen picture

£ 800

A solid, feature-heavy set – but it's no longer the only convincing way to receive Freesat