£ 290

This Alba may be an affordable set, but it's not really a bargain once you've weighed up the pros and cons

£ 400

Despite its appalling remote control, and some other foibles, this Hitachi 32in LCD is an accomplished performer

£ 480

It's a solid performer from the Toshiba stable - if you get an online bargain with this, you won't be disappointed

£ 635

We expected better things from Panasonic than this underwhelming LCD

£ 775

The Panasonic TX-P42S10 is part of its new range of plasma TVs that offer solid and enjoyable, if not class-leading, performance

£ 1500

Utterly brilliant. £1500 might sound a tad pricey but this is one of the most exciting sets we've seen in years

£ 1490

The Sony KDL-40Z5500's superb performance is ruined by uneven backlighting (again)

£ 9000

This LED-backlit TV from Sharp is extraordinarily expensive, but as a technology showcase it does much to impress

£ 670

The Sony KDL-40S5500 has a lot going for it, and is a good budget buy, but you can get better performance for not much more money

£ 1390

This LED/LCD TV from samsung is undeniably desirable, but there are performance imperfections