MP3 players


£ 280

This media player from Archos certainly looks the business, but we found the touchscreen deeply frustrating to use

£ 243

This Cowon's a solid and dependable machine - it just looks a little outdated against some of its contemporaries

£ 0

This multimedia player may represent good value, but while Apple's around, its performance is just mediocre

£ 109

Ignore the speakers on the Sony NWZ-S544 and it's a decent alternative to Apple's iPod nano

£ 209

It's got an amazing sound, but this Sony falls down flat on its poor internet browsing capabilities

£ 50

You'll get an impressive amount of bass weight from the Philips GoGear Spark SA2940, but the overall sound needs to be more refined and subtle

£ 55

The SanDisk Sansa Clip is an intuitive little device that doesn't sound too shrill or tinny

£ 30

This iRiver MPlayer, with its Micky Mouse head, may look fun but the sound is poor

£ 34

The Sony NWZ-B135 is a neat looking device, but although detailed enough the sound is unexciting

£ 110

Samsung has a another stab at the MP3 player market, but while this is certainly good, it fails to aspire to greatness